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Complex formulas, never ending spreadsheets, and inefficient royalty management… It was time we reshaped music royalty accounting.


Introducing a transparent, easy to use music royalty accounting software for managing, automating and consolidating your royalties and record label revenue – all at an affordable monthly price.

eddy app
eddy app

Music royalty accounting made easy

Streamline your royalty reporting with the software for record labels, and generate precise, accurate and transparent royalty statements for your artists. It’s pretty simple:

Ingest your label’s repertoire, configure your contracts, import sales reports from distributors, add recoupable costs & advances, and initiate royalty payments directly via the app.

Artist friendly royalty reporting

Now more than ever, labels and artists need manageable, precise and regular royalty statements. Automate your music royalty accounting and build stronger, more trusting relationships with your artists.

At, we want to help labels be more transparent and accountable to their artists. Our confidential dashboard allows artists to access their data at any time, including:

Intuitive record label dashboard allows you to easily report music royalty revenues from all of your royalty sources, for all your artists, all at once.

With, you’ll be managing margins, profits, and losses all from one place. Benchmark artists and releases while evaluating your label’s ROI with our comprehensive music royalty accounting software.

A game-changer for labels & artists.

See how works

Using has made a huge difference for us. We’ve been able to easily pay artists on time, and more regularly. The support team has been very helpful and has really taken the time to make sure that the service meets our every need.

Isaac Samuel Hyman COLORSxSTUDIOS has given us the tools to make quick and accurate royalty payments while maintaining our independence and our artists’ trust. In these times especially, we’re extremely grateful for the difference has made for our label and our artists.

Dean Bein Twin Twin records

Doing royalty accounting was always a nightmare, we were dreading each time it had to be done but has really made a difference for us. Easy to understand and easy to use. Also top notch helpdesk whenever we have any questions.

Bad Taste Empire has made our royalty accounting process much lighter and a lot easier, which is a huge relief for us given the number of artists we have to issue statements for. We love it!

Hillary Byrum Bookcreeping turned out to be an ergonomic solution for processing our sales and creating royalty statements. Thanks to regular and thorough customer care, we have been able to adapt the platform to our needs.


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Free 15-day trial. No commitment, no credit card required. Cancel anytime.