eddy.app makes music royalty management easy, fast, and transparent.

Calculate artist royalty statements, import your record label’s catalog, configure contracts, and upload sales reports all from one single platform.

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Quick & easy music royalty accounting

Quickly generate customized royalty statements. Our automated system minimizes manual input – just let eddy.app do the work for you

  • Configure your royalty sources – Missing a source? We’ll add it for you.
  • Retrieve metadata from most major DSPs and import your catalog swiftly.
  • Choose your deal structure, configure your contracts and your costs.
  • Import your sales reports out of the box.


Tiered pricing solutions to meet your record label’s needs. We understand the needs of independent and growing record labels. With our affordable solution, eddy.app grows with you. Starting at €39/month, you’ll be surprised how much we provide.

Save time and money by automating your music royalty accounting. With our 1st month satisfaction guarantee, let eddy.app convince you or get your money back.



The eddy.app experience, for your artists

Grant access to your artists via their own dashboard, and let them view their royalty statements and insights. Artists will be able to…

  • Get an overview of their sales
  • See exactly what they’re owed
  • Visualize their global fanbase


Monitor your record label’s success, generate transparent royalty statements, and provide your artists with full access to their data with eddy.app’s dedicated artist portal. No more surprises. 

  • Detailed sales spreadsheets in .xls or .csv format
  • Cost and advance recoupment tracking
  • In-depth revenue insights
  • Contract terms

Seamless payouts

eddy.app is there each step of the way, from statement processing to payment. With our new built-in invoice and payment automation, music royalty accounting has just become even more straightforward.

  • Generate your artists’ invoices automatically once a new statement is ready
  • Pay your artists directly via eddy.app with bulk transfers (integration with wise.com).

Data driven insights

Get unique analytics with eddy.app. Receive an easy to understand snapshot view of your record label’s revenue and activity across all channels (streaming royalty income, physical sales, music sync, and merchandising). More tangibility, a more detailed overview, better decisions.

Gain clarity on profit margins, royalty reporting, profit/loss, and ROI with eddy.app. These consolidated insights will make royalty tracking a breeze.


Neighboring rights (coming soon)

Gain a consolidated view of global royalties. We’re working on adding neighboring music rights royalty collection with our parent company Rights’Up. Thanks to the Rights’Up proprietary API, all data will be centralized for labels in our software.

This unified royalty accounting solution allows record labels to sync, claim, and trigger direct registrations in 37+ territories, all from one platform.

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