Royalty accounting for independent music.

Smooth for Labels. Clear for Artists.

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Online Artist Portal & Statements

The artist dashboard is accessible from any browser. Share simple and clear analytics with your artists.
Artists can download transparent royalty statements.

Smooth Set-Up

Compute your first artists statements in minutes! Import your catalogue, configure your contracts, link your releases and upload sales reports.
That's it!

Revenue Overview

Analytics will give you a transparent view of your record label income and activity across all channels (streaming royalties, physical sales, music sync, merchandising, ...)
Royalty accounting will be a breeze!

Financial Insights (coming soon)

Easily visualize financials with our detailed metrics. Profit and loss, profit margins, ROI and more!
Financial data broken out the way you need.

Payment Solution (coming soon)

With our built-in SEPA payout integration, you're able to pay all your artists and licensees in a single wire to a Trust Account (only available for SEPA Payees).

Fast and Secure

We deploy on high performance and redundant servers. All our data is encrypted on the fly which means it is transmitted and stored in encrypted form.
compute many contracts type (artist, distribution, remixer, featuring and many more

Flexible Music Contracts

Our music royalty software has been built on a powerful agreement algorithm enabling you to compute many contracts types: net profit, artist, distribution, remixer, featuring, license, A&R commission (coming soon), ...
Name it, Eddy can compute it!

Music Insights

Insights gives a comprehensive view of your revenues and performance. View insights across your entire catalogue or a single release. See a detailed breakdown by music provider (spotify, deezer, apple music, ...), country, sales channels and more.
Real transparency!

inisghts get you an aggregated breakdown by music provider (spotify, deezer, apple music,) country, sales channels and more


Monthly Fee (TAX excl). Book a demo to start your 15 day free trial.

DIY Label

  • • Artist Dashboard
  • • Quick Repertoire Import - DSP metadata retriever
  • • Import Sales Reports from up to 5 Royalty Sources

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Indie Label

  • all DIY Label Plan features +
  • • Bulk DSP metadata retriever
  • • Bulk Cost Import
  • • Import Sales Reports from up to 10 Royalty Sources

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Record Company

  • all DIY & Indie Plan features +
  • • SLA Next Business Day support
  • • Import Sales Reports from up to 20 Royalty Sources

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A Royalty Source is a Music Aggregator, Music Distributor, retailer, licensee or any third party from which you receive Sales Reports.