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, easy-breezy.

Our royalty mass payouts feature is a game-changer for indie labels and artists.

01 Process royalty statements

02 generates payee invoices

03 Payees choose their preferred payment method, enabling you to initiate royalty mass payouts effortlessly.

At, we’re starting a revolution:
Normalizing monthly royalty payments.

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Juggling incomplete invoices, tracking down missing payment details, and handling individual bank transfers... As if music royalty management wasn't complex enough. Add invoicing and payment to the mix, and it introduces an additional level of complexity and frustration. Manually collecting payees' invoices and payment information not only consumes time but also frequently postpones the royalty payouts. With, there's a better way.

Presenting: Seamless Payouts. Experience the convenience of self-billing combined with royalty mass payouts, all managed directly through Once royalty statements are prepared, our app autonomously creates invoices on behalf of your payees, enabling you to initiate bulk payments straight from the interface. No more chasing invoices. No more individual payments.'s music royalty management software offers a self-service feature that centralizes all billing and payment information for your payees.

How does it work?

Determine the minimum invoice value, and choose from various payment methods available.

Invite your artists to the payee portal, where they can independently add and modify their billing and payment details.

Our platform groups invoices according to the payment preferences of your artists, enabling you to initiate royalty mass payouts effortlessly in just a few clicks.