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, easy-breezy.

Introducing: Seamless Payouts. A game-changer for labels and artists.

01 Process royalty statements

02 generates artists’ invoices

03 Choose your payment method(s) and initiate payments in bulk

At, we’re starting a revolution:
Normalizing monthly royalty payments.

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Incomplete invoices, missing payment details, one-by-one bank transfers... As if music royalty management and reporting wasn't complex enough, invoicing and payment add another layer of frustration to the whole process. Gathering artists' invoices & payment details is time consuming and oftentimes ends up delaying royalty payouts.

Introducing: Seamless Payouts A self billing & payment automation feature that allows you to manage your royalty payments directly via Our app generates invoices on behalf of your artists once royalty statements are ready, and allows you to trigger payments in bulk directly via the interface. No more DIY invoices. No more one-by-one payments. Our music royalty management software centralizes all of your payees’ billing & payment data.

How does it work?

Invite your artists to access their eddy artist portal where they can validate their billing & payment data.

Specify the minimum invoice amount (aka threshold), and select your different payment methods.

Group invoices by your artists' chosen payment method and initiate mass payments in a few clicks.