Introducing: the Merlin Fetcher

Merlin Network Members' bespoke FTP integration.

Looking for a more streamlined approach to revenue reconciliation and managing sales reports from various DSPs within the Merlin Network? Our technology simplifies this process by automating sales report retrieval, eliminating the need to leave the app or login to the Merlin Network wizard.

Designed for Merlin Network members.

We understand the challenges of reconciling and accessing the relevant sales reports. That’s why we have developed a unique Merlin FTP integration, designed to simplify your sales report and data management process. With our FTP integration, Merlin Network members can effortlessly upload sales reports directly from the Merlin FTP server, eliminating the need to login to the Merlin Network portal. Reconciliations and imports are automatically handled within eddy, removing the manual steps involved.

All it takes is to create a monthly “Merlin fetch”, automatically retrieving the relevant sales reports from the FTP server without leaving the app. Plus, if you need to distribute breakage revenue, our dedicated tool will help you split revenue based on your specific requirements and allocate revenue on a pro-rated basis.

About Merlin Network:

Merlin Network is a partner for independent record labels and distributors worldwide. Founded in 2007, it represents the digital licensing rights for hundreds of independent labels and has paid out over two billion dollars. Merlin’s mission is to secure the digital futures of the independent music sector and provide them with access to deals, tools, and opportunities in the digital marketplace. Merlin empowers independent music through licensing and dedicated support. Additionally, Merlin members can sign in to the Wizard platform, which provides easy access to deals and tools.

Merlin serves as a digital music licensing partner for its members: independent music companies. It has negotiated, with its partners, premium deals with Apple, Facebook, Spotify, TikTok, YouTube, and 40 other music platforms worldwide. With a global membership from 70+ countries, representing 15% of the recorded music market, Merlin supports independent record labels, distributors, label services companies, and other rightsholders. It operates solely for the benefit of its members and is funded entirely by a low 1.5% admin fee.