A digital solution for music royalty accounting

Automated music royalty accounting service for record labels.

Imagine if music royalty accounting was quick, transparent, and easy to understand. With eddy.app, we’ve simplified this traditionally tedious and complicated process. Finally, it’s easy to keep track of your music royalty transactions.

Committed to dispelling suspicion and complexity, eddy.app is on a mission to foster trust, clarity, and cohesion between record labels and artists. Our unique software empowers members of the music industry to take control of all their revenue streams. By getting a more comprehensive, clearer view of their activities, we believe that labels and artists can make better decisions.

eddy.app is a music royalty accounting service for independent record labels. Our easy to use interface is packed with features to make the entire process, dare we say — fun.

More than just an accounting software, eddy.app offers detailed business insights based on sales data, available both for labels and artists via their dedicated portal. We strongly believe that it is time for labels to say goodbye to endless spreadsheets, and start taking control of their royalty management.

Who is eddy.app?

Backed by Rights’Up, a music rights company that manages neighboring rights collection for over 1.6 million recordings, eddy.app is the newest venture on a mission to undo the chaos of music royalty accounting.

Launched in 2019, the eddy.app roster already counts overs 75 labels that have taken the steps to improve their music royalty accounting.

Based in Berlin, Brussels, and New York, eddy.app is an international effort. The eddy.app team is dedicated and passionate about making a difference in the music industry, both for record labels and artists.

In these uncertain times, increasing the regularity of artists’ income is a priority. By giving the tools to labels to start automating and consolidating their music royalty management, we intend on doing just that.