September, 2019


Indie labels and musicians: imagine that royalty accounting was made simple, open, and easy to understand. Imagine the hassle that could be avoided if this frequently tricky and time-consuming process could be digitally streamlined. Software like that would help artists and labels navigate treacherous and shifting financial terrain, dispel suspicion and uncertainty, and create an atmosphere of trust. Software like that would generate a precious commodity in the music business, or, for that matter, any business: harmony.

The new software simplifies and streamlines royalty processing and transforms a notoriously tricky task into a breeze.

At Eddy, we believe powerfully in helping artists and their record labels do the best they can. Because of this we've developed a tool that's guaranteed to build trust between independent music companies and the musicians on their rosters – one designed to disperse the thick fog around royalty management. With the help of Eddy's software, artists and labels of all sizes and reaches will be able to know at a glance where their money is coming from and exactly what they're owed. Eddy transforms an arena of confusion and frequent conflict – royalties – into one that's completely transparent.

Of course, there are collateral benefits, too. Let’s be honest – nobody launches an indie label because they enjoy financial computation. We're making one of the most dreaded tasks in the industry far easier to accomplish.
We realize that no label enjoys the process of royalty accounting: it can be arcane, complex, and time-consuming. Our software streamlines all of that, and helps companies and artists make smart, informed financial decisions.

Once you're set up with an Eddy account, you'll be able to import your music catalogue, create merchandising items, track sales, accurately distribute revenue, quickly create and share royalty statements. An artist with access to Eddy can gain insights of her sales and learn exactly what she's owed, discover where in the world her music is getting played and bought, and, perhaps, adjust her tour strategy accordingly. Think of Eddy as a music industry analogue to the financial services software that has put analytical and practical tools in the hands of investors, and, in so doing, cast some much-needed daylight on the complicated business of buying and selling. Our easy-to-use interface and the wealth of features that it offers may even make you find royalty management -- dare we say it? -- fun.

Who's behind Eddy ?

We're no newcomers to this field. Eddy stands on the shoulders of Rights'Up, a longtime leader in the fight to get artists and labels the money they're owed. Since the company’s formation in 2012, Rights'Up co-founder Damien Morjane and its team have been tireless in their efforts to collect the neighboring rights of artists and record labels, and now they are applying that same tenacity to royalty accounting. More than 1,600 labels with 1.6 million recordings use Rights’Up to collect their neighboring rights payments. But even if you aren’t familiar with the Rights’Up software, we think you’ll find the Eddy interface familiar and immediately intuitive.
With offices in Berlin and Brussels and a new branch in New York, Eddy is an international effort. Wherever you are, and whatever the scale of your business, we stand ready to help. Allow us to take the mystery and complexity out of royalty accounting so you can get back to doing what you do best – building relationships and making great music happen.

Damien Morjane, co-founder